ENGLISH BOOK TO GIVE CLASS / Maria Marina dos Santos Veiga

This book is specially for the begginners teachers and a students that are interested in learning a little bit more.

Writing a little about my dream. It takes two to make a quarrel! When i was a child, i wanted to be a singer! But my father was callous and furious. My father, said that it wasn't my occupation and that i had to have a good work. I should have tried, but i did not do anything! Little by little i saw my dream fly to the infinite. I grew up and understood that it woul not be nothing, because i had a bigger dream that was to study. I grew up and got married! I gave time to time. I had in my mind to keep going to be the best.I didi it! I had a baby, I love my daughter. I would make all again. The best of all is, that i came back to study and i'm acomplishing my dream.


English Book to Give Class
Maria Marina dos Santos Veiga
Scortecci Editora
ISBN 978-85-366-4663-3
Formato 21 x 28 cm
216 páginas
1ª edição - 2016
R$ 180,00