Seven years of poetry… the leaves of the heart. Each chapter a different color… and here, red is not of love. In a candlelit room, shades pulled up to see the night sky, the world asleep… a glass of wine; Autumn Leaves was written. It is a love story, a drama. It plays with words, renders to happiness, talks to great masters, makes feelings flourish, and quickens the beat of an erotic heart.  In Autumn Leaves, life is displayed to its fullest.

S.D.Phillips (pseud. of Sandra Dolores Becker) is a story writer, an author of novels, and award-winning poet. Her work includes The Bird Book, Adèle, and The Color of Hope. When she isn´t writing, you can find her illustrating children´s books or picking up a paint brush to stroke a canvas. A world traveler, S.D.Phillips currently lives in Brazil.


Autumn Leaves
S.D. Phillips
Scortecci Editora
ISBN 978-85-366-5011-1
Formato 16 x 23 cm
72 páginas
1ª edição - 2017
Preço: R$ 42,00